Horse, Bird, Dolphin, Duck, Cat, Horse, Fish Ornated Hose-Bib Spigots

Sales and supply of Horse Head, Cat, Cockerel, Duck, Fish, Snail and Tortoise ornated water hose-bib spigots. These animal themed water faucets come with a small back plate and in polished brass finish and are ideal for garden, yard, drive and patio watering.
Brass Taps with Animal Knobs

Classic Styled Hose-Bib Taps Ornated with Animal Themed Knobs

These wall mountable BRD-( Bird, Cockerel, Dolphin, Horse, Elephant, Tortoise, Cat, Snail, Horse Head and Duck) knob tap versions are solid brass made and come with a matching back plate in typical yellow brass polish finish and are 1/2'' BSP threaded.
We have  other decorative outdoor taps and brass faucets tipped with a hose pipe connector that can easily be fitted into any existing 1/2 inch BSP mounting and most got the standard ¾" outlet / hose pipe fitting. We can supply single, small and larger quantity of taps internationally.  If you strictly require a 3/4'' inch tap you might consider the BRS011, BRS011p, BRD037p or SB13 3/4'' faucets.
Ornate Brass Water Tap

BRD - Bird /  Cockerel / Dolphin / Cat /  Elephant / Tortoise / Duck / Snail / Horse - Ornamental Knob Brass Tap

  • 1/2 inch BSP Male Brass Spigot - Polished Finishing
  • Diameter of threaded part is 21 mm - Protruding Length 110 mm
  • Overall Height 150 mm (circa)
  • Weight 550 gr.
  • Availability - Typically in Stock
Note: All dimensions are in millimeters (mm). 10mm equates to 1 centimeter (cm). 1 inch equates to 2.54cm
Hose Pipe Wall Hanger
LEFT: A practical brass made, hose pipe tip fitting and elegant matching wall hanger.

- Decorative Brass Hose Pipe Holder : With Brass Hanger
  • 1/2inch Brass Tipped, Water Hose Pipe Fitting and Holder
  • Weight:  250gr
  • Availability; In Stock
BELOW: These water hose bib taps and spigots are basically the above, animal themed 1/2'' taps whose knob is replaced with a standard one.

Trade, Sample and Private orders: The Ornate Range of Decorative, Hose Threaded Ornamental Brass Taps are usually in stock and can be purchased internationally in single, small or larger quantities by any Individual, Decorator, Wholesaler or Trader based in North America, USA, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan and other countries.

For Pricing, Stock Availability or Questions about our: Bird, Cat, Horse, Elephant, Tortoise, Cockerel, Dolphin, Duck and Snail Themed Taps and Spigots with Water Hose Pipe Connector: Kindly contact Renaissance Arts Company Limited by E-Mailing Us at