Decorative Fish Head in Brass for Water Fountain Emitters & Spouts

Sales and supply of decorative Fish Head spouts in brass and finished in either bronze or polished brass as required. These versatile spouts are hollow on their inside and can get drilled with an up to 14mm hole through which the desired spout pipe can be passed through prior to wall fixing. The outstanding spouts will definitely enhance and make the look of any private or public feature water feature unique and memorable.

More technical information below. We do ship Internationally in both in single and larger quantities, both to Commercial and Private customers. Contact us for details and pricing.

fish head spouts for wall fountains
Fish adorned wall water features

ABOVE: A spectacular public water feature adorned with a multipleline up of BRD0183 brass casted fish head spouts in a 'Bronze like' finishing.

Fish Head Water Spout
Fish Fountain Spout
Brass Fish Water Spout
ABOVE / BELOW: BRD0183 - Fish Head Spout: Brass Made with Bronze Look Finishing
  • Available in Normal Brass Finish or 'Bronze like' Finish (as in the photos).
  • Protrudes 130 mm
  • Width 80 mm
  • Overall Height 140 mm
  • Weight 1500 gr.
  • Availability - By Custom Order
Note: All dimensions are in millimeters (mm). 10mm equate to 1 centimeter (cm). 1 inch equates to 2.54cm
Fish head water emitter
Fish head in brass

Trade, Sample and Private orders: These Unique, Fish Head Water Emitters are generally only available by pre-order and can be purchased internationally in single, small or larger quantities by any Individual, Decorator, Wholesaler or Trader based in North America, USA, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan and other countries.

For Pricing, Stock Availability or Questions about our: Fish Brass Casted and Bronze Finished Spouts and Emitters: Kindly contact Renaissance Arts Company Limited by E-Mailing Us at